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Just a hop, skip and a jump from Hastings’ seafront, Yiayia’s Studio is packed with all the tools you need to produce, develop and record outstanding audio. Kitted out with a great selection of equipment, amps and instruments. Each room has been fine tuned with bespoke, hand-made acoustic treatment.


Explore our sonically separated spaces, visually connected for all band members. The acoustic treatments in our live rooms are designed to make each space acoustically exciting and distinct.


2 x large live rooms
1 vocal booth,
1 ISO booth
All recording spaces are isolated from each other with full visibility to each space for all recording artists.
Over half a metre of soundproofing, floating floors and hung ceilings.
Fully ventilated and air conditioned.
24 channels of xlr and 24 channels of trs in each of the 4 recording spaces.
Custom diffusion & acoustic treatment throughout.

Wood Room

Using exposed wooden slats as diffusion is a simple and beautiful idea I don't think I've ever seen before...Your space is beautifully put together

Steve Albini

360 degrees of diffusion smooths sound to reveal a fullness and clarity of detail. Pine fresh!

Stone Room

High ceilings and a flagstone floor tamed by acoustic panels, delivers big and warm room tones. A large multi use recording space.

ISO Booth/Amp Shack

Small but mighty, this is the key to our live recordings, isolating the sound of amps from intricate instruments.

Vocal Booth

Fully treated with custom made acoustic panels and a video feed for ADR sessions. This room offers neutral recordings free from any room acoustics.

Control Room

The beating heart of the studio. All of the equipment had been carefully selected for its versatility and sound quality over a broad range of music genres. With a 24 channel hybrid mixer with flying faders and unlimited routing options, even the most demanding projects can be accommodated with ease.

The Lounge & Yard

Coffee and tea facilities, fitted kitchen with an oven. Kick back with a beer in our cosy lounge, or pass the time with a coffee and some fresh air in The Yard. Enjoy the sunshine! Or failing that (this is England after all) we have a canopy and some comfy garden furniture. A great place for a peaceful time-out.


Control Room

Neumann U87
No Hype Audio CM47
Seinheiser 421
AKG C12 Clone (2)
SE 2200A (3)
AKG D112
AKG D40 (3)
AKG C430 (2)
Neumann TLM 102
LRM-2 Ribbon No Hype Audio (2)
Earthworks TC30 (2)
Earthworks SR25 (2)
Shure SM58 (2)
Shure SM58 Beta
Shure SM57
Grampian DP4
Wedstern Electric Ribbon Mic circa. 1920
Various Assortment of Vintage Microphones
VOX/JMI AC30 1960 4 input Guitar Amp
Fender ‘65 Deluxe Reverb Vintage Reissue
Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII 2x12 Guitar Amplifier Combo
HH Electronic V-S Musician Guitar Combo 212
Original SWR RedHead 2x10" 400 Watt
Bass Combo Amplifier
Mission Electric MK2 PRO 80
Session FET 12”
Tiki-Drum Kit:
Hi-tom 12”
Floor tom 16”
Kick 22”
Shallow snare 13”
Yamaha U3 Upright
Gitane D500 - Maccaferri style acoustic
1990 Fender Telecaster
1999 Fender Stratacaster
Novation Mininova Synth
Korg MicroKorg
Control Room
Mac Pro 6 core 32gb RAM
Logic/Pro tools
Packed with plugins & Software Synths:
Waves, Lexicon, Soft-tube, Soundtoys.
Allen and Heath GSR24M Inline Mixing Console
Otari MTR10 ¼” mastering tape deck
Adam Audio A77X Monitors (2)
Universal Audio 1176 LN
Focusrite ISA430 MKII
TL Audio Fatman
Behringer Powerplay 8 (3)


Studio work featured on:
Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 4, Capital FM, BBC Introducing: The South, BBC London, BBC Wales, Storyville. Labels: MRC Recordings, +1 Records, DLMDD, Stingray Records

All recording days include an engineer. Access to all our instruments, amps and studio gear. If there is a piece of equipment you are particularly interested in let us know so we can ensure it is available.
Flexible time slots, book any time between 9.00am - 10.00pm (you can record outside of these times but these sessions are charged at time and a half)
Bottomless tea and coffee are always available. When the sun is out, we have been known to fire up the BBQ. We might even treat you to one of our home brewed beers at the end of the session.
Comprehensive covid policies in place.

Get in touch for free, no obligation consultation, pop in for a cuppa and a chat with the team.
Bookings: Jessica Coode:  jessica@yiayias-studio.co.uk


V/O - ADR - Remote interview - Audio Books - Video game dialogue

Past clients include: HBO, BBC 1, Channel 5, Channel 4, TalkSport, Nescafe, Hasbro, Prodigious UK, Boots, Sky

Microphone: Neumann U87
Custom treated vocal booth with video feed
ProTools HD12
Super fast fiber-optic broadband
Source Connect
All remote dialing in available, Skype, Google Hangouts
Onsite printing
Experienced detail focused staff
Refreshments available
Fully air conditioned and ventilated recording spaces.
Comfortable green room and outdoor space
3 totally isolated spaces available, ideal for multiple cast members.
Comprehensive Covid policies in place


Ahh the joy of Yaiyia’s… As a voice artist of 26 years or more I have worked mostly in London and have become accustomed to certain things from studios and am happy to say Yiayia’s tick all the boxes:

- Happy smiley face when you walk in.. tick
- Efficient and knowledgeable staff ....tick
- People who are patient but also fully aware of time.....tick
- Relaxed and pleasant surroundings....tick

All in all I can’t fault Yiayia's for anything and they have just done a ‘lockdown upgrade’ on their studios .... well it’s just sexy. P.s if you are very lucky you’ll get to meet George

Big Al - Yackety Yack All Mouth Ltd

Bookings: Jessica Coode:  jessica@yiayias-studio.co.uk

Before contacting us to make a booking we recommend reading our Terms & Conditions


Bookings / General enquiries:
Jessica Coode: jessica@yiayias-studio.co.uk

Yioti Chapman:  yioti@yiayias-studio.co.uk

01424 581581

64B Bohemia Road
TN37 6RQ